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Patient Reviews


"Thank all of you for the best care I could ever imagine.

I am feeling better, Dr. Carson, thanks to you and your quick response to my breathing problem...
...Dr. Carson, thank you for your kindness. You are a fine Doctor."
-G.W., June 15, 2013

"Dear Dr. Carson and Tina,
...All the members of the family want to express their gratitude and most sincere thanks for all the loving care you both provided during this stressful time."
-E., M., H., and F., June 12, 2013

"Dear Dr. Tavakoli,
We appreciate your kind, medical expertise... The meds you prescribed helped us make our journey home the next day. ...Without your help, I don't think we could have traveled. 
...Your staff was very courteous and helpful, as well as professional. 
-B.M., March 27, 2013

"A special thank you to Dr. Tavakoli for saving my life... Forever in your debt."
-D.B., March 09, 2013

"You were a pleasure. Thank you for your services."
-S.N., December 10, 2012

"To Urgent Care Maui,
Thank you for making us feel at home in your clinic! Everyone was so friendly and helpful - we forgot that we were there due to sickness.
We met the best doctor who helped my son with his allergic reactions, asthma, and ear infection. Thanks to everyone we were able to enjoy the rest of our stay in Maui!
-F. Family, December 2012

"I loved your reception procedure. You helped out with my insurance, and catered to my injured hand by helping me fill out the paperwork. Thank you."
-M.K., November 17, 2012

"I was amazed with my experience here. Your clinic and services were excellent, and I am thrilled with how I have recovered."
-P.L., September 3, 2012

"Dr. Tavakoli and Staff,
I was in your office on January 31 as a new patient and again on Febuary 3. I was diagnosed with shingles and a kidney infection. After the first appointment the doctor said we could call with any questions or concerns along with how I was doing. My husband did call and was very pleased that the doctor returned his call personally. 
I'm home now, as of Febuary 22, and beginning to feel somewhat better. I'm sure it will take some time. 
I would like to say THANK YOU very much for your care and concern."
-B.G., March 1, 2012

"Dear Dr. Tavakoli-
I want to thank you for caring for my knee injury on January 15. Your attention to detail and good humor were very much appreciated."
-J.K., Febuary 14, 2012

"I love you Doctor T 
I send you luts kisses
Love v"
-V.G. May 20, 2010 

"Thank you so much for everything you did for C after his accident...
We are so grateful for everythign you've done. 
Wishing you all the best with all our love."
-M family, May 2010

"Dear Dr. Tavakoli, 
A month ago, you expertly treated me for a kidney infection while I was on vacation. 
I wanted to let you know I am much better. I credit your rapid diagnosis and the injection... I am being monitored by our family physician, but I point to you for my cure! Thanks so much!"
-G.H., March 26, 2010

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